The Mission of Cuppie

Almost everywhere you go you can find something that doesn’t belong. Wether you are hiking in the woods, kayaking down a river or sitting on the beach man’s reach can been seen. Litter is everywhere.

Disposable plastics, styrofoam and paper products are commonly found on the ground and in streams. They are convenient and easy to use but not always recycled. Some items like plastic cups can be recycled but paper cups tend to be dipped in plastic or wax and are not recyclable everywhere.

Trash cans and recycling containers can be found in state parks, on sidewalks and most other places you go; but not all waste ends up in these bins. Whether it’s just dropped on the ground, thrown out the window or blows out of a trash can litter anywhere has an impact on the environment.

Cuppie’s mission and Cuppie’s purpose is to help show people how easy it can be to clean up litter around you. Please help to join the mission and and limit the impact of litter around you.


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