Connecticut River in Portland, a Scary Spot to Stop

Contained within this grass is a terrifying secret. If you look back a little further (and at today) you’ll see I’ve stopped here before. This spot is a little pull off on route 17 in #Portland right next to the #ctriver in an area that can flood sometimes.
This dried grass appears to be what the river catches after the flooding subsides. Contained on top of and inside of this grass and rocks there was a lot of litter. Those five bags I shared earlier.

Previously I had found what appeared to one person’s litter as I found the same coffee cups and the same cigarettes… I found more of those today, but I also found many, many, many little nip bottles. So many alcohol bottles just cast off over the side of the road.

This is terrifying for two reasons.

1. The obvious litter factor and being right next to the river that floods.

2. People are drinking next to the river in their car and then most likely driving away. I found 61 of these bottles here. 61! Sixty-one 50mL bottles of alcohol and some other larger bottles as well… All together, that is over 3 litres of alcohol that’s been consumed their in an unknown period of time.

Please don’t litter, but most importantly please do not drink and drive. You not only endanger yourself, but everyone around you.

That was 61 plastic nips + 9 other plastic bottles for a total of 70 bottles from this 20 minute trip today.


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