About Cuppie

Cuppie was originally designed to bring awareness to a workplace that our coffee cups were recyclable. Most of the time, paper coffee cups cannot be recycled because they are a paper cup dipped in plastic; this poses a problem for paper mills and other recyclers because mixing materials doesn’t always result in an easily recyclable product.

We found out that our cups were a thick enough paper for our hauler to recycle them. EXCITEMENT! But then came the problem of trying to inform everyone of the change. Cuppie was born. Cuppie would be placed near trash cans where coffee cups were commonly found to let people know that they could be recycled.

Stashed away in a mailbox for two years; Cuppie sat and waited for his moment to arise again. This year, is Cuppie’s year. Cuppie loves pictures of people picking up litter and loves to pick up litter himself. Share all of your adventures with Cuppie and he’ll share his with you.

Cuppie lives in central Connecticut but will travel all over to pick up trash around him.


Thank you for your support.


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